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Carnation Revolution

April 25, 2009

Carnation Revolution or Freedom Day is celebrated as a Portuguese national holiday on 25 April.


World Book and Copyright Day 2009

April 23, 2009



Earth Day 2009

April 22, 2009

Study Visit 2009

April 21, 2009

Finally the long awaited study visit took place!

The members of the English Club and the CEF students from Carregal do Sal and their friends from Mealhada met in Coimbra on the 17th April.

In the morning we went to British Council, where the teachers had prepared four different activities, much to the liking of the students.

In the afternoon we visited Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo de Coimbra and the students got to know the different courses they may attend there.

Some special moments caught by the camera:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

We wish to thank all the people involved:

Michael Hughes (BC Director) and the BC teachers Dee, Dori, Freya and Isabel;

Dr.ª Ana Paula Pais (EHTC Director),  Dr.ª Maria Antónia Portugal (Training Coordinator) and teacher Mário Sá;

Teachers Isabel Santos, José João Lucas and Olga Ferreira from EB 2,3 de Mealhada;

Teachers Adelaide Gonçalves and Hugo Gaspar from ES/3 de Carregal do Sal.


Time to put an end to discrimination!

April 11, 2009

A new blog page has been created – 9.ºA!

The aim was to create an anti-discrimination slogan/poster. So, visit the page and watch the videos and powerpoints some students created.



Good Friday

April 10, 2009

On Good Friday, Christians remember the day when Jesus was crucified on a cross. Good Friday is the Friday before Easter Sunday.


On Good Friday Jesus was arrested and was tried, in a mock trial. He was handed over to the Roman soldiers to be beaten and flogged with whips. A crown of long, sharp thorns was thrust upon his head.
Jesus was forced to carry his own cross outside the city to Skull Hill. He was so weak after the beating that a man named Simon, who was from Cyrene, was pulled from the crowd and forced to carry Jesus’ cross the rest of the way.
Jesus was nailed to the cross. Two other criminals were crucified with him, their crosses were on either side of him. A sign above Jesus read “The King of the Jews.”
Good Friday today is still a public holiday in much of the UK. This means that many businesses are closed.


It is traditional to eat warm ‘hot cross buns’ on this specific day. Hot Cross Buns with their combination of spicy, sweet and fruity flavours have long been an Easter tradition.


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Easter Season

April 9, 2009

This season is celebrated differently according to people’s customs, traditions and religions.

Stefanie (7.ºC) sent us a short text explaining how she celebrates the Memorial of Christ’s  Death:

The night before his death, Jesus took a last meal with his Apostles during which he said: “do this in remembrance of Me” ( Lucas 22:19).

Every year Jehovah’s Witnesses celebrate the death of Jesus with a simple ceremony. This year, the commemoration of the death of Jesus will be on Thursday, April 9, after the Sunset, at 8:00 p.m.