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Lewis Carroll (27/01/1832-14/01/1898)

January 27, 2010

Discover who Lewis Carroll was by reading some students’ group works!




International Thank You Day

January 11, 2010

On the 11th January we celebrate International Thank You Day, so it’s time for our students to thank someone for something special!

Here are some of their words of gratitude:

Thank you, mother, for making me.
Ana, 8.ºA

Thank you, mum, for making such good cakes.
André, 8.ºA

Thank you, mother, for cleaning the house.
Bruno, 8.ºA

Brother, thank you for taking me to a concert in the summer.
Francisca, 8.ºA

Thank you, grandmother, for helping me in everything I need.
Joana, 8.ºA

Thank you, Francisca, for loving me.
Maria Carolina, 8.ºA

Thank you, André, for your great friendship.
Rafael, 8.ºA

Thank you, my friend, for your friendly words.
Thank you, mum and dad, for loving me and helping me every day.
Cátia, 8.ºC

Thank you, João, for being my friend.
Flávio, 8.ºC

Thank you, mother, for loving me.
Thank you “Facas” for being boring 🙂
João Pedro, 8.ºC

Thank you, Mariana, for your nice words and understanding.
Thank you, Sofia, for helping me in difficult moments.
Thank you teacher for everything.
Maria Miguel, 8.ºC

Thank you, António Jorge, for being my best friend.
Pedro, 8.ºC

Thank you, Hugo, for being so sweet.
Sofia, 8.ºC

Thank you for helping me; thanks for being by my side. Thank you simply for existing.
(Barbara, my cousin, I like you very much).
Sara, 9.ºA

Thank you, Ana, for being my friend.
Edgar, 9.ºA

So, to all my students:



Playing games

January 7, 2010

A new term has begun and Club members returned to their activities. This week they played some games in English and had great fun!