National School Library Day

October 26, 2009



October is the International School Library Month but in Portugal we  celebrate our National School Library Day on the 26th. The theme for 2009 is School Libraries: The Big Picture.

Visit your School Library blog HERE and check how the theme was translated into Portuguese (follow the “ligação surpresa”).



  1. Hello dear friends

    It’s so good when the opinions about our School Library are so positive. We always plan our activities having our users, students and teachers, in mind, and we hope that all the skills related to the Library contribute to the students’ achievements and obviously to their success.

    Thank you for everything,
    José Moreno
    Teacher Librarian
    Escola Secundária de Carregal do Sal

    • Thank you, teacher Moreno!

      We think you do a great job in the school library. Together with the rest of your team you manage to involve students in your activities and it’s great visiting the library and seeing so many students working there.

      So, keep up with the good work and you may count on us to help promote the school library.

      The teacher,
      Celeste Simões

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