World Forestry and Poetry Day

March 21, 2009

the-jungle1The Jungle

They were friends and foes
who played and fought for fun.
But when it came to the enemy
they stood together as one.

One morning they were surprised
a strange creature there to find.
Loud, noisy with strange scary ways
a being like that…seemed a ferocious kind.

Eager to befriend the new
an excited bunch toward it flew.
But lo and behold! What did they see?
the creature cutting their home on trees.

So sadly the mynas flew very far away
and have not returned to this very day.
Now…. where the green grass once grew
stands a cement jungle with birds very few.

By Malini Joshi; Illustration by Anup Singh



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  2. Olá stora, este poema está muito giro, gostei imenso…

    • Ainda bem que gostaste, Maria Miguel!
      Eu também gostei imenso e achei muito apropriado para comemorar o Dia da Árvore e da Poesia, em simultâneo.
      Foi, aliás, um dos poemas lidos por um/a dos/as teus colegas do Clube numa das sessões do Reader’s Corner.

      A professora,
      Celeste Simões

  3. Eu também gostei muito 😀
    boa noite

    • Obrigada, Fátima!

      A professora,
      Celeste Simões

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